Who We Are

Movimiento Cultural de la Union Indigena is a 501c3 organization, founded in Sonoma County. The organization seeks to rescue and promote Indigenous languages and traditions among Indigenous youth. They also help local agencies better connect to and serve Indigenous communities facing language and socio-cultural barriers.

Our goal as MCUI is primarily to educate indigenous youth about our culture, language, traditions, customs and history. For example, we are interested in offering Triqui languages classes for youth and individuals from our own, or other communities, who want to learn the language.

Along with other Oaxacan indigenous organizations in California, the Moviemiento Cultural de La Union Indigena (MCUI) is committed to both maintaining its unique culture and modes of artistic expression while, at the same time, making them accessible to others, including other indigenous communities and non-indigenous Californians.


Co-Director, Mariano Alvarez

Co-Director, Xulio Soriano

President, Juan Roman

Secretary, Maribel Merino

Outreach Coordinator, Cristina Ramirez

Treasurer, Lidia Soriano

Senior Advisor, Adam Sander

Member at Large, Maritza Merino



Please visit our Facebook page for current news, events and what the organization is working on.